Attention Future Journalists!


 As a journalism student, I have heard time and time again that “journalism is dying” and I am “making the wrong career choice.”  Little do people realize the growing community of online newspapers and journalists – a whole new media outlet that allows journalists to experiment with news tools and expand their skillsets.

            In this fast-paced, ever-changing world, journalists are not just adapting – they are thriving. With the growing popularity of online newspapers and blogs, journalists are now able to use photos, videos, audio, and graphics to make their stories an interactive experience for readers or viewers. Future journalists need to respond to this shift in media by continually updating their knowledge of computer programs and online story telling techniques. All aspiring journalists should have an understanding of  a wide variety of computer programs, but should master one or two in particular so to be ahead of the competition.

            Another thing that future journalists should take into consideration is internships. Although internships don’t always pay, they offer valuable experience that looks awesome on a journalists resume. 

Future employers don’t want to have to train their journalists – they want to be impressed. So, to all of the aspiring journalists out there, roll up your sleeves, learn about the changing world of technology, and go find yourself an internship. 


About jennawheeler

I am a 19 year old girl from a small town, and I am a first year journalism student at Durham College. I have big dreams and an even bigger coffee addiction.

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