Oshawa Space Invaders

I recently interviewed Steven Frank, organizer of the 1990’s Durham Artfest and of the Oshawa Space Invaders that launched this year.


Taking Advantage of Social Media

Today’s journalists often use many forms of social media to communicate with their readers. Twitter is used to build a relationship with followers, Link’d In allows for professional networking, and Facebook can be used as a tool to hear the community’s voice. 

Facebook seems to be one of the most effective social media sites for gathering information. Community members are eager to respond to articles and questions regarding their neighbourhood. Facebook is the one of the most widely used social media websites, which allows for a great reach. Facebook allows readers to have an interactive experience with the media, and allows their voice to be heard.

Social media expert Ken Pearson, who trains for Metroland, said “i put two or three questions into a good Facebook post.”

He believes that Facebook is one of the best social media sites for engaging readers.